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TextEdit+ Quick Text Editor

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TextEdit+ is an sleek and fast text editor for your iPad and iPhone. It's compatible with text editors that comes with macOS (TextEdit) & MS Windows (WordPad). It also supports any RTF, TXT, Markdown or LaTeX editor like Nisus Writer, MacDown or TeXStudio. If you don’t write all the time, then you probably don’t need a full-featured word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. But you still may want a flexible tool for handling text. You know what? You already have one: TextEdit+. TextEdit+ is your white, plain, blank sheet of paper that is always with you on your iPad or iPhone. Simple but very quick, easy to use and useful. Also TextEdit+ can sync and share your documents across devices and your Mac or Windows computer via Files app or iCloud. MAIN FEATURES Multi-platform support: Mac, PC, Linux - Open, edit, save documents created by hundreds of text editors with support for Rich Text Format files (RTF), Markdown, TeX and plain text files (TXT) Easy to use interface. Distraction-free - Less is more. No cluttered user interface. Just focus on your creation process not the tool.  Faster Typing with Keyboard Extension - Quickly move around the cursor. Quick keys for tab, forward delete, up, down, left, right, etc. Customize our extended keyboard with your own keys. Stay Organized - Easily create folders and subfolders for your projects and documents - Personalise the cover of your folders Easy Sharing - Sync your documents across devices and computers and with TextEdit or Wordpad via Files app or iCloud Drive - Email, print and open your documents from your mail or in other apps Visual Rich Text Formatting - Apply format, colours and style directly in your words, sentences and paragraphs One Tap Formatting - Bold, italic, underline, line spacing, highlight, indents, subscript/superscript, alignment, lists, type size, text and paper colors, etc. - Syntax highlighting for Markdown and TeX documents - Shortcuts for Markdown and TeX documents International Typing support: - Over 30 languages including right to left languages like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew Instant Statistics and Counters - Characters, words, syllables, reading time, sentences, average word length, Readability Index, etc. Text to Speech and Dictacion support - Hear your document read aloud - Dictation lets you speak text instead of typing Useful Find&Replace - Find and replace words on the documents Powerful export - Export your work as PDF , RTF , RTFD, Plain Text , TeX, Markdown, PNG and HTML formats Privacy Policy http://www.noteswriter.com/Kairoos_Privacy_Policy.html EULA https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/