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ColorCamera - Color Picker

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The 2015 annual "FilmFilm" camera application team to create a camera software. Simple and uncommon interface, to help you capture the world's color anywhere! Finally has a self willed sun photos can not be refuted by the reason of others! ========== Features ========== ColorCamera can help you improve your aesthetic taste The overall color matching of the picture is an excellent way to enhance the level of beauty. ColorCamera is designed to tap the color matching inspiration, allowing you to find the most suitable color matching scheme in the beautiful picture. By shooting or importing photos, extract the five main colors (main color, auxiliary color, active color, static color, background color) from the photo to provide reference and inspiration for your color matching! See picturesque beauty, take out a phone, you can extract the color from your pictures, to provide you with color inspiration. Which bag to take today? Which lip gloss to paint? Take a picture with a lecherous camera. Bling gives you the main color of today: Well, the style of today is a low-contrast yellow-brown line, fresh and elegant, yet stable and energetic. So through the color card, what kind of match will the pro choose? Is it a big red bag or a blue bag? Or rice brown bag? I believe you already have an answer! ColorCamera can help you improve your aesthetic taste ========== Other features ========== * Support import from album; * Can quickly share photos to social media; * Exif information of photos can be viewed; * Fully adapt to iOS13 and Diablo mode adaptation; * Fully adapt to iPad, support real-time switching of horizontal and vertical screens; * You can change App Icon in the setting page, and reset it back to default; ========== Need permission ========== Need to access the user's camera and photo albums ========== Contact ========== [email protected] colorcamera.aben.io QQ group: 8768666