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Some moments may have slipped away in our life, but will last forever in our memory. Many moments are only cherished when they've become memories. One day when you look back on this journey, the most memorable part will always be those who travled with you. LAYÒUT offers classic quote artworks, Capture precious life milestone photos by marking them with beautifully crafted artwork & personalized text, share & treasure forever! Impress your friends and have fun adding a quotes to your photos! Add creative artwork & treasure the special moment forever. • SOCIAL MEDIA QUOTES BUNDLE Redesigned social media templates to create stunning Instagram posts, Facebook cover photos, YouTube channel art, Pinterest graphics, and more. Brand your social media profiles cohesively with ready-to-use assets that fit your visual style. LAYÒUT is the simplest and most powerful instant photo camera to transform your regular posts into creative posters in a few clicks. It’s simple 1) Snap the precious moment as it happens or select from camera roll. 2) Add our creative artwork. 3) Add poster and text to personalize. 4) Save & share! With LAYÒUT, choose from of graphics, and fonts to overlay, add and edit text and design photos to boost your social media profile, invite people to a party or share a motivational quote. • Overlay effects, filters, text and colors. • Invite people to a party or share a motivational quote. • Instant record shooting date. • Poster and magazine-style layouts. • Easily add text to photos . • Instant Photo Camera • Enhance your images with magic filters. • Blend photos to create your unique style. • Mask out image text for a professionally-designed look. — FEATURES — • QUOTES ARTWORK beautifully crafted artwork to mark your ones exciting milestones & special moments. • MAGAZINE LAYOUTS Magazine presets for the most stylish photo editing, design your photos like a magazine, a poster, or a themed album. • FAST FILTERS Add gorgeous filters to highlight special moments. • FILM EFFECT Textures that subtly brings all kinds of mood and Light Leaks. • UNIQUE TEXT Add sentimental text to personalize. • PHOTO EDITOR Professional editing tools, brightness & contrast, hue & saturation, vibrance, color, highlight & shadow, sharpen, clarity. • SHARE Share your precious life Pics with friends and family in seconds via social media, text or email. • ACCESS EXTRAS Want more? Unlock over 1150+ additional premium artwork packs. Thanks for using! We're working on new features and constantly working to improve your experience! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us: http://www.psdc.com.tw