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BreatheIn: Calm Breathing

BreatheIn: Calm Breathing

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Become better with BreatheIn If we breathe deeply, slowly, and regularly, our mind becomes calm. The concentration on our breathing makes us feel ourselves alive. You can unite your mind and body to work together with a help of breathing exercises. In BreatheIn we have chosen all breathing practices and we have tested all exercises by ourselves. Join us and make your life and health better. Integration with Apple Health: the time you spend with “BreatheIn” is now added to Apple Health (in Minutes of Awareness) to make health monitoring even easier. In our application you can find five breathing exercises: three are designed for relaxation, two are designed for body regeneration. - Square Breathing or 4-4-4-4 It is rather simple and effective way to become calm and have a control over your thoughts if you are stressed. 4 seconds to breathe in, 4 seconds for a pause, 4 seconds to breathe out, 4 seconds for a pause, and repeat. - Relax Breathing 4-7-8 This breathing technique is aimed to reduce anxiety and to help you to sleep faster. This exercise helps many people to fall asleep already in 1-2 minutes. - Bhramari pranayama or bee breathing This technique is also known as Bhramari pranayama. It calms down brain and makes all body relaxed. - Coherent Breathing The purpose of this type of breathing is to increase heart rate variability (HRV). All breathing exercises we have checked by ourselves. Some of them are not that easy, but each is pretty good in a certain way and helps to deal with stress and to be relaxed at a right time. You breathing data will be saved in the Health application.