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Photo Vault-Hide Secret Photos

Photo Vault-Hide Secret Photos

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Lock and hide your private photos&videos!All the photos and videos are securely stored in the app that only you can touch them.They are protected by fingerprint touch ID, password and data encryption. Features: Protect your private photos&videos - Touch ID Protected - Password Protected - Data encryption - Protect your secret photos&videos - Waiting time becomes longer when the password is entered incorrectly several times - Change password anytime - The app does not store any user's password and photos,use it freely and safely - Safe app name to protect your privacy: HSP, that others will not know what app this is. Manage you photos&videos - Import photos&videos from Apple album to this app - Export photos&videos from this app to Apple album - Delete photos&videos in the app - Swipe to quickly import multiple photos - Fast import speed - Creat,delete and edit albums right in the app - Share photos&videos - Remove original photo after import(The default is off,can be opened in settings) Private Browser - Built-in privacy browser that other people can't see - Add and edit your bookmarks - View and delete your view history iCloud Backup - Backup your photos&videos in iCloud If you have any questions or suggestions about our app, please e-mail [email protected] are looking forward to your feedbacks.