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FABULUS Guitar Chord Name App

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The "Fabulus" team warns you : Only buy this App if you think it can be useful to you AFTER HAVING HAVING READ ITS DESCRIPTION. FABULUS : THE ADVANCE MOBILE TOOL TO DISCOVER GUITAR CHORDS With Fabulus you can: identify guitar chords, name guitar chords, reverse guitar chords, find guitar chords. If you've ever wondered "What's that chord?" or if you just want to discover great new chords, FABULUS IS FOR YOU ! Just select two or more notes on the interactive fretboard to get the chord name and the role of each note, or browse a list of over 100,000 chords ! NO ADVERTISING, NO PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED HOWEVER ALL FUNCTIONS ARE AVAILABLE : Chord Identifier, Decomposer, Browser and Chord Creator. Including : - All chord types and all possible fingerings, - All reverse chords. - 18 predefined tunings and the possibility to add any tuning, even personal ones. - Capo - Key transposer - Listening to any chord (Fast and slow speed) - Left-Handed Mode - A quiz to exercise your relative and absolute ear ***** Identifier ***** On a video a guitarist plays a chord you don't know ? You have composed a song by ear and you want to write the chord grid ? Fabulus gives you the name of the chord from the position of the fingers. ***** Decomposer ***** You're a beginner and you want to understand the chord positions to better memorize them ? For any chord in any tuning Fabulus shows you the role of each note. ***** Browser ***** You play with another guitarist and you want to find other chords than his ? Fabulus offers you more than 100,000 chords, according to the tuning, the fret level, the reversal and the capo. You will have all the possible fingerings even for your personal tunings. ***** Creator ***** You Want to break out of the routine and create your own chords ? In "Creation" mode, Fabulus shows you all the possibilities for each note of a chord to create your own chords. FABULUS : THE SIMPLE AND VISUAL TOOL TO UNDERSTAND GUITAR CHORDS ***** Simple ***** On the interactive fretboard : Place the fingering and discover the name of the chord with the role of each note. Save your chord, tag it and add it to the list of over 100,000 chords ! In the List : Just select a chord root and a chord name, then browse through all the shapes. Jump to another fret with a quick tap ! ***** Visual ***** Fabulus uses a color code and some symbols that will quickly become familiar to you. A legend can be accessed at any time by a simple long press on the "FABULUS" logo. FABULUS : THE GUITARIST'S TOOL With this simple tool in your pocket, you will progress effortlessly in understanding chords and take a big step forward in your guitar playing. Choose your language among English, Brazilian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japaneze and Simplified Chinese. ========================================= DOWNLOAD FABULUS TODAY! ========================================= Your satisfaction is our main concern so if you have any question or comment, we are at your disposal : [email protected] More informations on https://fabulus-chords.com/en/home