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Solve Right Triangle Pro

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The best app to calculate all quantities of a right triangle. You must enter some quantities like an angle and a length. The algorithm searches the formulas of the missing quantities, shows them and calculates the results. The length of the decimal place can be changed. The algorithm shows when rounding or wrong values lead to an opposition. Decimals and fractions are supported. The solution is shown step by step. All calculations are stored in the history. The final solution can be shared. [ Content ] - all important quantities for the right triangle - formulas for all important quantities of a right triangle - infographic to illustrate the topic - search bar to find the desired quantity - history function to save input - detailed solution - positive numbers, decimals and fractions are supported - changeable decimal place - no ads! [ Usage ] - there are several fields for entering the values ​​using a special keyboard - if values are missing, all fields are highlighted in orange - if values are conflicting or wrong (e.g. negative lengths), one affected field is highlighted in red - every value must be positive - the sum of alpha and beta must be 90° - the sum of gamma must be 90° - if a value is no number, it is highlighted in red - the entries in the history can be deleted or sorted manually - if you select an entry in the history, it will be loaded automatically for the calculation - the entire history can be deleted by pressing a button - solutions can be shared