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◇Custom formula ◇Statistical data and chart analysis ◇Scientific calculation ◇Date and time calculation ◇Bookkeeping ◇Record memo ◇Multi-terminal synchronization and export sharing ...... ———— [Features of instPro] - Compared to other scientific, programmable calculators. instPro can not only complete the calculation task well, but also record and process text, and quickly analyze data. At the same time, for non-professional users, Excel-like syntax can significantly reduce the cost of learning. In addition, the beautiful and easy-to-use UI, function parameter prompts, syntax highlighting, error prompts and other functions also make instPro have a better user experience. - Compared to spreadsheet software such as Excel. These software are powerful and comprehensive, and can also handle a wide range of numbers and texts perfectly. But in the face of daily trivialities, perhaps most of the time it does not need to be so complicated. instPro offers you a brisk and simple choice. [Main Functions] - Scientific calculation functions and display in accordance with mathematical format. - Support mixed input of text and numbers. - Continuously expanding rich library of functions (including mathematical, logical, statistical, date, etc.). - You can directly drag formulas to create real-time references between formulas. - Each formula can be individually named to implement custom formulas. - Support array direct calculation, for example: (1,2,3)×2 = (2,4,6). - Detailed statistics and chart analysis (including line charts, histograms, control charts, etc.). - Real-time display of global summary statistics, select the calculation formula to adjust the summary range. - Can be stored as a file, support iCloud multi-device synchronization. - Independently select the calculation type to generate pictures for export and sharing, eliminating the need for stitching and cropping. - Calculated lists support gestures such as dragging to sort, swipe left and right, and long press. - The keyboard supports many custom functions such as sound and haptic feedback. - Detailed software and function usage guides, examples. - Convenient functions such as shortcut toolbar, undo redo, function parameter prompt, syntax highlighting, error prompt and so on. - Powerful calculation engine, light and smooth, click-to-open. - Specially adapted to iPad large screen and iPhone landscape screen. - Support iPad front scheduling and split screen multi-opening. - Support for Apple Watch. Due to the use of some new features, it is recommended to update to the latest iOS system for the best experience. ———— If you have any questions and suggestions, please feedback to my email: [email protected], I will do my best to solve it for you. Also, if instPro helped you solve the problem, or it didn't solve it. You are very welcome to share with me. Any suggestions you have will make instPro even better, thank you very much!