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QRCode - Generate,Beautify

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QRCode is a new QR code scanning and production software. Main features * You can create QR codes, the current types include text, URL, phone number, contact, and other types of QR code generation, we will add more types later * Different from the common QR code, when the QR code is generated, we will provide a QR code beautification interface, built-in provides dozens of good-looking colors and more than 80 good-looking logos, including the common social media logos at home and abroad 1. you can choose good-looking background and foreground colors for your QR code, as well as background images 2. Add your own logo image 3. add a nice border 4. Choose the right QR code layout point * After saving the image, you can choose to share your image to your friends and family and let them scan the funny QR code you created * There are many built-in template QR codes, you just need to click and enter what you need to create the QR code, you can generate the corresponding QR code style, very convenient and efficient * We use the latest sweeping technology, tested our QR code sweeping speed is better than the system comes with QR code sweeping speed, can get the QR code results in a faster time * When you sweep the code to play QR code 1. If it is a web address, you can easily open the web address 2. you can copy the address 3. share the result of sweeping the code 4. Beautify your QR code again * When QR code recognition, you can also select the image, we use the best technology to recognize multiple QR codes on one image at the same time, when you select the image inside the album for recognition, it must be very convenient to recognize multiple QR codes at one time, which is great * You can create multiple QR codes at once within the app, each line will generate a QR code, you can enter multiple lines of content for QR code generation * For history, we provide sweep record and creation record, sweep record is the record you sweep the code to generate, creation record is the record you keep when you use the app to create QR code, click on the record also can share, beautify, copy content and many other operations * We have done a lot of beautification work on the app, providing four color combinations, each of which we have made great efforts to adapt to different colors. * In order to meet the different needs of most people for logos, we have also made many logos with different colors to meet the needs of most people * You can set the format and size of the exported images, as well as the fault tolerance level when generating QR codes. Special Notes: The minimum version of the app supports iOS13.0, in which in the step of beautifying QR code, if you need to change the color of the QR code border, this function only supports iOS15.0 or above, below iOS15.0 system are not available App Price: 1. Beautify Tools [$2.99] 2. Appearance [$2.99] 3. All Features [$15.99] If you like it, please go to the AppStore and give me a good review, I will be very grateful to you, in addition if you have any good comments, I would be very happy to receive your feedback and suggestions, thank you very much! Author contact information WeChat: karepbq Email: [email protected]