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AALocker is a highly useful screen time control app designed for parents. It offers flexible and effective features to help parents manage the time their children spend on devices. With AALocker, parents can: - Block specific apps such as social media and games to gain better control over their children's device usage. - Set up schedules based on daily needs like study time and leisure time, and authorize certain apps for certain time slots to avoid accidental overuse or excessive addiction. - Apply usage limits to each app, so that if a child exceeds the preset time limit, the app will be locked, thereby limiting excessive use of the device and the app. - AALocker also support focus mode based on the user's set location. With this feature, parents can specify certain apps to be blocked when the device is in a specific location range. In short, AALocker is a highly practical app that can help parents control their children's screen time and device usage while facilitating their growth in a simple and user-friendly way. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use https://okaapps.com/privacy https://okaapps.com/terms