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Revolution 3

Revolution 3

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Revolution³ is Here! The reboot to the classic game has arrived! Revolution³ is a tribute to the classic mobile games of the past, no microtransactions or loot boxes. Just simple, honest-to-goodness fun. Over 1,000,000 people have enjoyed the original, now experience the next generation of tunnel runners! Built from the ground up Revolution³ is the start of a new era! Retro Revolution 1 / 2 reviews: "It’s like skydiving through Tetris." - FTWApps "I want to physically immerse myself in this game." -AppVader "A simple idea deftly executed, perfect for iPod/iPhone device, VERY entertaining, challenging and FUN!!" "This is a great game. The idea is excellent and the graphics are nice" "Pure genius..." "Really nice game! Fast and smart. Get it, you will never regret" "Very fun and addictive! I like it a lot!" What is it? Fly down the beautiful, never-ending, randomly generating tunnel avoiding several perilous obstacles. It's never the same twice so you must stay alert while you continually accelerate faster and faster. How long can you survive?