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Turn text into images! AI Photo is a user-friendly text-to-image generator app that creates photos and artworks, all offline, based on your image description. Features • AI-powered Text-to-Image generator • Supercharged by Stable Diffusion • Privacy by Design: Computes offline, directly on your Mac, iPhone or iPad • Fast: Optimised for Apple silicon chips (M1, M2) • Collections: Organise and manage your artworks • Favourites: Your best creations always at hand • Search: Lightning fast, surprisingly smart • Pros in Mind: Change Steps, Seeds, Guidance Scales • Custom Models: On the Mac, you can add custom CoreML models. • Export & Share • Looks brilliant in dark and light System Requirements (Mac) • Apple M1 or M2 chip (Apple silicon) • 16 GB of RAM, the more the better • Intel-based Macs are currently not supported System Requirements (iPhone, iPad) • Current generation device (2021 or newer) • 8 GB of RAM, the more the better Benchmarks • AI Photo runs offline, directly on your hardware, and therefore depends heavily on your devices resources. • iPhone 14 (2022): 1 image @ 20 steps takes about 4 minutes • MacBook Pro, M1 Pro (2021): 1 image @ 20 steps takes about 30 seconds Model: Use, Misuse and Limitations • AI Photo ships with a built-in Stable Diffusion model. • This model is intended for research purposes only. • The model was trained on the large-scale dataset LAION-5B. It has limitations and biases. For example, it only understands English prompts. • Additional safety mechanisms were implemented which limits possible outcomes. • Do not misuse the model to create harmful content. • By using this app you confirm that you have read and accepted our Terms of Use as well as the Stable Diffusion License (linked below). ⁂ Stable Diffusion Model License: https://huggingface.co/spaces/CompVis/stable-diffusion-license Stable Diffusion LAION-5B Dataset: https://laion.ai/blog/laion-5b/ Terms of Use: https://ixeau.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://ixeau.com/legal#privacy