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Quickgets Geo: geodata widgets

Quickgets Geo: geodata widgets

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Quickgets Geo v3.0 • «Best new apps» AppStore app featured in 17 countries on iOS8 launch day, featuring Apple Watch support. • App featured on Yahoo Tech, AppAdvice, BGR, AppPicker, iPhon.fr... With Quickgets Geo you can quickly get the course in which you are, current speed, altitude, geographical coordinates, orientation and weather indicators by using the internal compass and GPS. As a new feature, now Quickgets Geo supports advanced bookmarking, Street View and Flyover live mapping of current position, multiple units, distance, bearing, deviation, 5 day weather forecast, and current radar images. The widgets included are designed to integrate with ease in the aesthetics of your device in the Notification center. It also offers extended content within the included app where you can set the units of measurement according your preferences, and an Apple Watch app that enables you to see at a glance the most important data when traveling or moving outdoor, including current address, GPS coordinates, altitude, speed and bearing compass. This app and widgets is universal for all iOS12 devices / watchOS5 capable devices (even the new upcoming ones), and minimizes the use of the device battery by disconnecting GPS module when the widget is not in use. Contents: · Main app: allows you to obtain a full status of your environment. * Location data - GPS Coordinates (DMS / WGS84 (ETRS89 compatible) LatLon or UTM projection / Decimal / MGRS) - Distance to a point (miles / meters) - Altitude (feet / meters) - Speed (kmh / mph / knots) - North (magnetic / true) * Mapping / imagery - Standard mapping - Satellite imagery - Street View imagery (where available) - Flyover (where available) - Current radar imagery (worldwide) * Calculations - Distance from current location to a point - Bearing - Deviation from front device heading to current bearing - Bearing to target location - Deviation (delta) from current bearing to target location - Target location coordinates * Weather condition (from current location or bookmark) - Current temperature - Current pressure - Current humidity - Current daylight - Overall condition - Wind speed - Wind direction * Weather forecast (5 day / 3 hour estimation, from current location or bookmark) - All the previous indicators plus graphs. - Estimated rain volume - Estimated snow volume * Bookmarks - Online/offline bookmarks - Bookmark from current location - Assisted bookmark with map. · Watch app: allows you to obtain a brief status of your environment. * Location - GPS Coordinates (units synchronized with main app) - Current address, postal code and city (internet connection required) * Compass - Bearing compass (in order to show the bearing the user must be displacing in any direction)**** * Speed - Current speed (units synchronized with main app) * Elevation - Current elevation (units synchronized with main app) Notice: You must allow access to localization services in order to allow the app to process GPS information to show you the relevant information. If you are getting no info, please check the permissions in Settings > Privacy > Location and check Quickgets Geo. If you like this version, don't forget to rate it. Your opinion is very important to us. If you find a bug or are in trouble, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We'll try to make our best as soon as possible. ***Important notice As the Apple Watch has not a built in compass, this app cannot show magnetic information in the watch, but by means of computing microvariatons of GPS coordinates, it is possible to calculate the heading of your current direction when in movement. This app does it for you. Contact: web: http://www.quickgets.com/ mail: [email protected] twitter: @quickgets