Odyssey – Jailbreak For Iphone/Ipad/Ipod With IOS13 ~ IOS13.7

What's Odyssey? Odyssey jailbreak also known as Chimera13 jailbreak.It includes the latest libhooker, a complete tweak injection system for modern quick jailbreaks.

Odysseyra1n is the new bootloader used by Coolstar's upcoming jailbreak (Chimera13). This bootstrap is maintained by Hayden and others, called Prociursus, and supports all 4 package managers. On top of that, Odysseyra1n gives you libhooker tweak injection.

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The most significant change in libhooker v1.4.0 is the introduction of a dedicated configurator application that allows jailbreakers to adjust the injection behavior of their devices. Exciting time, the new libhooker update Odyssey jailbreak and checkra1n use Odysseyra1n jailbreak device, developer CoolStar is sending out an important update, jailbreak device don't miss it. The latest update is not just for libhooker itself, but the new libhooker Configurator companion app, which provides users with how libhooker loads injections on specific devices and is now officially open source.

Using the initial release of libhooker Configurator in conjunction with libhooker v1.4.0, the application enables users to control libhooker operations:


Supported devices:

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