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Spotify is the most popular streaming music playing platform in the world. Up to now, Spotify has hundreds of millions of users, almost half of those paying for the premium version of the app. But have you ever thought about using spotify for free without paying for the premium app?

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Let's discuss it in depth.

First of all, spotify is divided into free version and premium version. We don't discuss free version, because the free version has too many shortcomings. Let's look at the premium version:

With Spotify Premium, you benefit from these features:


But,you must pay for it.Its monthly subscription fee is as high as $9.99. So,some people said that,"What should i do?","I don't have enough money to pay for it!"

Come on,guys!

All those of premium version's features you can get on our website.You can install the premium spotify for free!

Click on the download button below to install it and start enjoying your music journey!

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